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Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Afternoon Tea is a great way to relax, and enjoy a charming get together with friends in fabulous settings. It evokes the elegance of bygone times and has been all the rage for some time.

We all love TV period dramas with the fashions, the opulence and the grand houses. We spend our leisure time visiting National Trust and similar locations, to peek into the lives of our forebears.

In the recent TV series Belgravia by the writer of Downton Abbey Julian Fellowes, the ladies having afternoon tea were talking about how it started. Around 1840 Anna Duchess of Bedford who was a friend of Queen Victoria, started the custom of having a light meal served in the afternoon for her lady friends. They wore beautiful loose tea gowns with no corsets! This allowed them to indulge in copious amounts of tea, dainty sandwiches, scones and pastries without the company of gentlemen. I daresay they were able to swap lots of gossip at the same time!

Afternoon Teas are served worldwide, from local tea rooms to 5 star hotels and iconic venues. In Northern Ireland all the big hotels serve Afternoon Tea in different styles, but there are also many very popular smaller venues around the country.

During lockdown, we saw an increase in takeaway food, including Afternoon Teas, so people could enjoy the experience in their own homes. Many establishments are continuing this service since a lot of folk are still reticent about going out to public places.

So you can still enjoy a lovely relaxing treat at home or together with friends in a comfortable environment.

Beauty Keeps can supply vintage china, glass, linens and silverware for events such as parties, birthdays, baby showers and weddings both at home and at outside venues.

Contact us through the website, Instagram or Facebook for a quotation, and your event could appear in our Blog!

And look out for stories about Afternoon Teas in our Insights Blog section.



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