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Updated: Oct 20, 2020

After I retired from work and the children had departed, I started going to auctions and browsing charity shops with Mr BK. At that time a well known local auctioneer called the stuff I bought 'tat'. Of course that was before the TV shows that are now so popular.

Salvage Hunters - Escape to the Chateau - Repair Shop - Money for Nothing - Antiques Road Trip - Flog It etc etc. Now they are everywhere and command huge interest.

I also discovered a passion for upholstery, and revived my hobbies of crochet and needlework.

I collect things that I love, that I enjoy looking at and using, but often in new ways from their original purpose. It's what I call Reuse - Revive - Restyle.

There are so many beautiful things that can have a new life in today's world, instead of acquiring worthless and often plastic junk. I like to feel I'm doing my bit for the planet.

It's not about throwing out anything that 'doesn't give you joy'. We need to think of where we are throwing our rubbish. What you don't want will give someone else joy. So use it, sell it or give it to charity shops. Don't just throw things in the bin or dump, to end up in landfill.

You would be amazed at what some people can do with your junk and how much demand there is for the dusty old stuff in your attic.

Not many people can afford to collect rare and expensive antiques, but we all aspire to have a curated collection of personal objects in our homes, which reflect our personality and taste. It is possible to Reuse - Revive - Restyle and give a new lease of life to many things which can bring joy all over again, either by doing this yourself or just buying from sustainable, handmade or vintage sources.

Here are some of Beauty Keeps' Reuse - Revive - Restyle projects.

Look out for more posts about particular items.

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