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Sale and Hire

Updated: May 20, 2021

I started Beauty Keeps as a sustainable way of using all the beautiful china teasets I had collected. Until quite recently everyone had china and glass, particulary from wedding presents, then this went out of fashion and more contemporary tableware was in vogue.

So all the fabulous china sat in granny’s china cabinet or in lofts, unloved and unused. Then the trend for afternoon tea resurfaced, and now Tablescaping using beautifully patterned tableware is all the rage, allowing us all to enjoy special occasions in our own homes during lockdowns.

There is now no need own all this tableware. Better to rent when you want to, for parties and gatherings, so using things already in existence.

Of course we can’t do much at the moment, but even in your own household once in a while its cheering to dress up your table, and hopefully it won’t be too long before we can party again. Also many businesses are doing takeaway afternoon teas and meals which would be so much nicer with the china, silver and linens to make the occasion extra special.

We have a large quantity of glassware, cutlery, cake stands and table linens. Originally from my mother and grandmother, but then I started going to auctions and finding such lovely things now discarded, and I was happy to snap them up.

One of my other collections is of Dressing Tableware. My Mum had some very old pieces from her family in Donegal. I love to Tablescape my dressing table with these and other repurposed pieces to create a stylish and sustainable look for very little outlay.

Beauty Keeps hires china, glass, silver and linens for all your needs, weddings or small family gatherings. We also sell vintage and repurposed pieces in our Etsy shop.

Contact us through our website, Facebook or Instagram to discuss your need, and look out for posts about some of our beautiful things.

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