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Some links and info for your transport related queries! 


Strangford is located in County Down, approximately 50 minutes from Belfast. 

It is 15 minutes from Downpatrick. 


You can get a taxi from Belfast to Strangford for approx £40 each way.  

If coming from Belfast then use 

Value Cabs .  

They also do 7 seater cars etc. 

Due to the location of venue and driveway it is not possible to walk into Strangford, so if staying in the village you will still require a taxi to and from the venue. 

Strangford Taxis - 07743 693837

Mini Bus

We recommend organising mini buses or larger taxi's in groups where you are travelling together.


 There are lots of places you can hire mini buses but below is a link for one company in Belfast: 

Mini Bus Hire  


There is complimentary parking at the venue if you wish to drive. 

A few cars could also be left overnight if anyone wishes to drive there and come back for the car in the morning. 

(If you choose this option you will be roped into helping pack up booze for the BBQ, you have been warned!) 


If you are staying in Strangford you will still need a car/taxi to access the venue.   It is not accessible by foot from the village. 

There are only a few taxis in Strangford itself so it is worth pre-booking. 

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