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Beauty Keeps A New Blog

Updated: Oct 20, 2020


I wasn't well last year and then we had lockdown, so I've had time to think about the direction of Beauty Keeps. I realised that there were strong links between the sustainability and creativity of Beauty Keeps and the mental health benefits that many activities I enjoy can provide.

So Beauty Keeps will now incorporate sustainable vintage style and mental wellbeing with an overarching ethos of Green Living.

The new BK blog will include such themes as



Products created by Beauty Keeps


Reviews and articles about products, businesses and events


Creating modern style with sustainable and vintage products

Events and Experiences

BK vintage events plus our new Green Living Experiences and tours of sustainable and vintage businesses and events

Sale and Hire

Products we have for sale or hire

Green Living

Creating a sustainable, mindful and mentally stimulating existence

Please join us on our new road, on the BK website, on Instagram Pinterest and Facebook

Watch this space!


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