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The BK Family

Updated: Oct 20, 2020


I'm Cathy BK and this is the story of my family and our business Beauty Keeps.

The love of antiques and all things vintage is in our blood.

My late Mum known to everyone as Tana, treasured vintage pieces passed down to her from her family in County Donegal Ireland, and the memories that these brought back to her.

Her mother was a seamstress, and many of the vintage pieces my Mum inherited were Irish linens with intricate crocheted lace, threadwork and embroidery, handmade by my Grandmother, alongside pretty pieces of china and glass.

It wasn't until later in life when my Mother was in her eighties, that I really began to appreciate her love of beautiful things, and now that she is gone, I cherish those that remind me of her and of previous generations.

My husband Mr BK was always an avid collector of all things old. He is an auction aficionado, bargain hunter and general hoker. He and Tana used to love chatting about antique boxes, planters, the provenance of little china dogs, and gardening, their other great shared passion. Usually while I was making Sunday dinner and sorting out three unruly kids and myriad friends and relatives who frequently arrived to join us.

My daughter Miss BK, also collects in a big way. She loves her vintage things and has displayed them artfully in her house in England. She likes to rehome bits and pieces which have been discarded or are sold in the local recycle centre shop. She is also a wonderful gardener growing all her own vegetables and keeping her neighbours supplied as well.

Mr BK Junior makes lamps from whiskey bottles, and builds furniture from disused materials in London, but also has a nice supply of restyled items from Beauty Keeps in his little abode.

The final member of the BK clan, the Rev BK, when he's not preaching, has built his own pizza oven, cures his own biltong meat and is without doubt the best bargain hunter among us.

So that's the BK family, well apart from the grandchildren. They are learning to garden and peel some of our huge crop of apples. Sewing, crochet and painting soon!

Next..... some of our creations, collections and passions.

Watch this space!


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