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Wedding Day Details 

All of the relevant details that you may need to know about the day! 



Everything is in one place at Old Court Chapel so there is no travelling between the church and the reception.

The address for transport getting to and from the venue is:

Old Court Chapel 

Downpatrick Road

Co. Down
Northern Ireland
BT30 7NB

The turn off is just as you approach the village on the left.  The driveway is very long so if you think you're in the wrong place keep going and if you see alpacas or dire wolves you are in the right place.  


We want everyone to have a great time and seeing as the bride works for Hilton and her brother sells booze for a living, we will be providing all beverages throughout the day and night!

We know, we are the coolest. 

However if you drink some weird nonsense that isn't a standard drink then feel free to bring it with you!  

(Except Buckfast - you cannot bring that shite, as it's far too likely the groom will end up in Strangford Lough if he gets hold of it!) 

Dress Code

Fancy AF

No specifics - just as fancy as you fancy after two years of wearing mainly PJ's! 


There is no transport organised for guests.  You will have to figure out how to make your way there and home yourself, like you do everyday when you go anywhere else. 


If you have forgotten how to use google then further info to assist you with organising transport can be found by CLICKING HERE.



Most guests so far, have advised that they have elected not to bring the kids along but if you are planning to, they are very welcome!  (Apparently the free bar was pertinent info to share with parents when decision making!)

Some guests are bringing the kids during the day and having them picked up before or after dinner as well so feel free to do what works for you!

Please let us know if your kids are coming along and if they need a kids meal, dietary requirements etc.    


We hope you can join us in celebrating our marriage!


All we really want for our wedding day is for you to be there to celebrate with us, but if you'd like to give us a gift, we are saving for a road trip around Italy for our Honeymoon, some paddle boards and a pizza oven!  Obviously.... 

  Day After

There will be a casual BBQ the day after at Cathy & Steve BK's from 1pm.  It will be a very informal gathering where guests can drop in and out when suits them.   

This will be a family style BBQ, bring a dish or a bottle or just yourself. Come for half an hour or half a day, it's up to you depending on how hungover you may be.  We would love to be able to catch up with everyone the day after and get a chance to see everyone properly, so we would be delighted if you can drop in, even if it's just on your way to the airport!  Kids are all very welcome even if they didn't come the day before! 

We will have left over booze to use up and they have a great BBQ and garden! 

Address is:

3 Maryville Park


BT9 6LN 

There is on street parking in the area for anyone driving. 

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